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important discoveries


It's no great secret that the cost of living in the UK is constantly on the rise, and news reports suggest they are indeed getting increasingly worse.   

So far this week I have discovered that not only food prices have increased, and are still on the rise depending of course where you shop, but also the government has introduced the health and social care tax, which you now must pay on top of your National Insurance costs.   For the most part I do agree with this tax because it will go towards helping fund the NHS, which we of course must continue to support in any way we can.   On the other hand, I wonder how this will affect me financially, and what impact it will it have long term, especially considering my partner and I are trying to save so we can afford a place to rent.   


They say the increase is going to be 1.25% extra on top of what everyone is already paying to the NI.  That's if you are earning below £50k a year, which I am (and probably always will).  On first calculations I think for me that may be an extra £6...roughly, that I will have to pay towards my National Insurance.   So it will be interesting to see how that will affect my pay going forward.  It doesn't sound a lot.   Perhaps I won't notice the difference.   Wishful thinking I know.   That was certainly interesting to find that out this evening on one of my favorite websites  I use this website a lot for many things, money news of course, business news, rates, product news too.   I find it very useful indeed. 

One cost I have noticed a huge difference in,  and to no one's surprise, is fuel prices.   The cost of a full tank of petrol for me has gone up from an average of £30, to about £38.   That's £38 I pay out every two weeks or so. And that's only because I have a small car.  I can't imagine how much more it is for someone who has a large car.  The car I share with my partner is a new silver 2019 Peugeot, which is very economic thankfully.   These days you need an economic veheicle, especially if, like us you are planning to keep on a petrol car and not swapping immediately onto an electric car.   I do believe electric cars are the way forward.  Since everyone's been saying oil's been running out literally for years, going electric definitely makes sense to me.

In the meantime, is there anything you can do about it.   Well there is the obvious solution, which is to cut back on something else to free up some spare cash.  If that's not easily possible, which for most of us it definitely isn't,  I find that if you drive in a slightly higher gear than you normally do,  it could save you a little extra petrol that will make your car run for a little longer.   Try it, it works for me. 

Prices will of course keep rising.  A good idea is at the start of every month or whenever your wage go in, is to set a monthly budget.   Decide what you need to buy that month, or bills you have to pay out for,  including petrol,  food and treats.   It allows you to maintain a healthy bank balance,  without going into your overdraft or using your credit cards.  In effect you could end up saving more money than you first imagined, and that is such a good feeling.  

Just a little tip I would like to share with everyone.   If you are currently counting your pennies and  concerned about food prices at all this week, the cheapest supermarket at the moment is Lidl.   And it is beating it's rivals Aldi by 74p which you might not think makes much of a difference but pennies do add up after all.  So maybe save a bit and shop at Lidl for a couple of weeks instead.   Also baring that in mind, if you do shop at Waitrose, you will be expected to pay an extra £9.14 roughly, on top of petrol costs to get there...unless you live across the road from them of course.

Thanks for reading


revisiting my dreamcashe blog


Blogging has not exactly been on the top of my priority list as you can tell, seeing as it has been nearly two years since I have even explored the idea of doing anything at all with my money blog.   I can be an over-thinker, and I have realized that this indeed does greatly hinder my ability to create opportunities for myself to find a better career, make a little more money....hopefully, and allow myself to better myself should I be unlucky enough to lose my job at House Of Fraser...where I am still working, thankfully.

Going Back To Basics

So I have decided, in all my great wisdom, to set myself a personal challenge of reigniting Dreamcashe, as I have paid, and still own the copyright to it.   And I do intend on keeping said copyright as you never know I may choose to turn it into more of a business venture in the very near future, and not just a money blog.   And there are so many things I want to now explore.   Things such as digital marketing, social media, affiliate links, eBay, YouTube even.  I do have a bit more experience with selling on eBay since I originally started this blog so that is a very interesting thing that I can certainly build on. In the meantime I have decided to take it slow, post when I want to, share what I feel would be beneficial... to myself and others, and most importantly...have fun.

Up to now I have started writing my first post I have done in two years, checked out my settings on blogger to see if anything has changed, and I have somehow managed to successfully connect - or reconnect should I say, Google Analytics and Google Adsense with no issues what so ever, which I am greatly thankful for.   I have even begun looking at keywords again so my posts can be found a little more easily as my journey continues.

Two of the most important lessons I have learnt about blogging over my 13 years or so of doing it, is to remember to blog for yourself first before anyone else, and secondly it is best not to overthink your posts too much because sometimes it can cause you to create something that means a whole lot of nothing, and that is not that great.   It does not give me a good feeling.   So I aim to be positive with my new blogging venture and just see where it takes me.

Thank you for reading.


great ways to earn extra cash

 Great ways to earn extra cash

 This Post Contains Affiliate Links

I always like to find new ways to earn a little extra cash using the internet or mobile phone apps.   It's always a good idea to keep on top of new apps, or new and trending ways to make money through the internet or through your social media channels.   There are so many different ways to earn extra money and not all of them have been discovered yet.  

Here I have chosen to share a few of my favorite ways I enjoy making some money from.  Although the payouts may vary between each site, all of them are definitely worth checking out.

Watching Videos... And More

One of my favorite sites for earning a little extra cash is by simply watching videos via Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is a free site you can join, where you can earn tokens to use towards free gift vouchers, competition entries and even cash to spend online on whatever you like.   Although Swagbucks are well known for being able to watch videos and earn SB (actual Swag Bucks) you can also earn by writing content for the site on various subjects, doing surveys, completing various offers they have, and also simply playing games or searching the web.   The reason why I really love this site is because you can do so much on it and you will be amazed as to how easy it is build your points up and get some amazing rewards.   Above all it's really fun to use.

Slice The Pie

This website is quite possibly one of the easiest sites I have ever navigated.  When you sign up, for free of course, you have four options to choose from: Audio Branding, Music, Mobile or a Lucky Dip.  Here you can basically listen to music, voice-overs or mobile accessories and submit reviews on them, and all for a little cash that can be paid directly into your Paypal account, which is my favorite method of payment as that can then be transferred straight into your bank account.  It does sound fairly easy however, in opinion it would be a really good thing if you don't rush through it and try to provide honest and open reviews on what you hear, particularly as some of the artists may be fairly new to the industry.  I have found that I am enjoying it so far as I do like to listen to music in my spare time anyway.  The Audio Branding section I'm finding is quite fascinating so Slice The Pie is definitely worth a look.


Qmee is quite possibly one of the easiest free apps you can get to earn a little extra cash.   Qmee only pay into Paypal (which is even better) and as long as you have a balance in your account you can withdraw it at any time and there is no fee to withdraw either.  The amount you get from the surveys you do can vary, on average they can be anything from 5p up to £1.50 which I think is so good for a survey site.   There is one little snag, as there is always one, and that is you have to be accepted for the survey by answering around three or four initial questions that are usually geographical.  Apart from that it is a really cool app and it is one that so far I have managed to make the most money from, a total of around £70 extra this year.  You might not think that sounds a lot, but to me it is.  Doing Qmee has certainly made a huge difference to my earnings this year.   Most importantly I really enjoy doing it.

Whether you prefer to save your pennies that you earn from these sites in your Paypal account, or use the points to get gift vouchers to spend on Amazon it's nice to know that whatever you decide you need (or want) to buy with your points, you know you will always get a really great saving from these free sites.   Here below are just a few things I have put my vouchers and my cash towards on


This Aveeno Hand Cream is one of the best hand creams for dry, sore and cracked hands I have ever tried.  This cream is light-weight, super-absorbent, and perfect for sensitive skin which is great for winter time.  After trying several different types of hand creams, I have found this is by far the best to soothe my dry hands.  This cream costs around the £5 mark, but it is well worth it's price.

This is the Pentagram necklace I bought for my friend for a Christmas present.   The Pentacle is a symbol of good luck, but most importantly it also aids in warding off bad spirits.   This particular necklace was £29.00

So recently myself and my partner bought a new TV and Now TV box for my room.   We were quite impressed that the TV came with a built in DVD player, which we actually had not realized straight away as it was on the side of the monitor but of course it was an added bonus all the same.   The Now TV box however did not come with the correct connections so I had to do a bit of research to find out exactly what it was we needed.   Turns out it was these HDMI extension cables, which for the price of £5.99 for two from Amazon, I thought was a really great price.    And it is always good to have a spare.

Thanks for reading

best ideas to budget your money during your birthday month


I always tend to find the month of August a really long one.   August, and January being the second longest month in the year.  I feel like this has been a really good thing for me to explore this avenue, as I have this month not long celebrated my 37th Birthday.    Not quite sure if everyone feels the same way about this, but does anyone else find that your spending increases quite a bit during your Birthday month?  

Why is that?

Here's what I think.   Most people for their Birthday's nowadays generally seem to get money, or more accurately, gift vouchers.   Buying a gift for someone, particularly if they are no longer a child, is getting increasingly difficult.    I mean, that Butterfly Face Painting Kit I got when I was ten was great...but now..not so much.   I am finding I have to really think about what I am going to get people, specifically my two best friends who just happen to share my Birthday month with me.   To be truthful, I was lucky this year because I found a couple of really nice gifts for my two best friends, I bought them the same things, from Amazon (see link below) and I spent round about £25 on the gifts for the two of them, which I didn't think was too bad.  But everyone knows how easy it can be to keep spending, even if you don't mean to.  That is why it is such a good idea to set yourself a separate budget for your weekly/monthly spending money, so basically the money you have left over after you have paid for all your bills, and paid out for all your food and petrol.  

The True Friend Tatty Teddy mug is so cute, I just love anything in the Tatty Teddy range, they always do lovely gifts.   I am the type of person who would use the box as well, for storing jewellery or something. They cost £8.00.   The elephant candles as well are so unbelievably cute and actually quite detailed, and smelled really lovely.   For £4.88 I thought they were an absolute bargain.  I was well chuffed with both of these.

So anyhoo, here are a few ideas to keep track of your pennies during your Birthday month.

Have a rough idea in your head of what your budget could be.   So for example, you don't want to spend say more that £100.    Always a good thing to have the round ball park figure in your head as a starting point.

Compile a list of things that you know you need to buy, want to buy, or do, and do them in that order, so you know what your spending goals are.  A good thing would be to carry it round with you for the month when you are out and about then you can refer to it whenever you want.   Just remember to do the 'need to buy' part of the list first.   You don't want to run out of money buying the things you want then leave nothing to be able to spend on your best friend for their Birthday.

Keep a note of what you spend each day for the entire month.   Use a notebook to write down what you have bought, what you have spent, and what you have left.   Remember to keep it separate from your usual banking book if you already do that too.   You can always add it in later or at the end of the month.

Download yourself a spending app on your phone, if you haven't done already.  I have the Money Manager Expense & Budget app on my smartphone and I am finding it's working pretty well for me so far.

Turn to Pinterest for inspiration.  Pinterest is so huge at the moment, you will probably be having ideas coming out of your ears after looking on there for an hour.

Don't defer from your list.   I know that can be easily said than done, but you could at least try.

What is also a really good idea is to have your bank send you an alert when you start to get close to overdraft.   I know you might think, oh I'll never that happen, but you will be surprised at how easily it can be done if you do happen to lose track of your spending.  I know because I have done it myself on more than one occasion in the past.

Another thing that is such a good idea to consider, is using places like Boots, or Accessorize or even Tescos and there is actually quite a few others out there too.  Because you get points when you shop there and if do think ahead, you could save some of your money off vouchers you get to knock a few pounds off your bill.   You can get some really nice gift ideas in these places for people and if you have saved up enough points, you can save a bit of money on them too.   I do have to also mention one of my personal favourite shops at the moment which is The Range.   I absolutely love The Range and they have some amazing, really tasteful gifts in there all the time, and they are not too badly priced either.  I love looking round The Range.  I don't really need an excuse to shop there really!

If in doubt, I have found that you cannot go too wrong with finding a few bargains on Amazon.  Always check the Daily Deals section first because you might just find exactly what you are looking for there.  And just a final little tip, use your 'Sort By Price' feature on there too.  Even if you don't manage to find what you want, you can just use it to at least give you a few ideas ;)

Thank you for reading x

Sarah x

best useful money finds I have discovered this week

I always find it good to keep an eye on how money in general is performing in the UK.   By this I mean bank rates, wage increases, savings accounts percentage increases (we all hope), and most importantly the cost of living, rising food prices that kind of thing.   How much do we actually get for that one pound coin?  These are things that are very important to us all, not just to me.  In the last couple of months, and even before I started this blog, I had begun to read articles for my own personal interest on how money is beginning to affect MY day to day life.    For example, we had the annual minimal wage increase in April, and then the rise in petrol prices came two months later in June which seemed to completely wipe that wage increase out.   I guess it's just the way things are, but that doesn't make it any less irritating.   Despite that it is still good to know these things because then I can adapt and make sure I spend my money more wisely.

There are a number of money saving websites I have visited over the last few years.  The first site being and this is for my car.   I use it every year to get cheaper car insurance and nothing else.  Of course there are plenty more of these comparison sites out there but personally this is one of my favourites.   It's not the only site I use, and it's good to explore other sites out there too. is the second site.   What I love about this site is how it will take a product, for example the smart watch, and then link it to their life insurance comparison section which is actually really clever.   Another product advertised on their site is a general smartphone app that calculates how many steps you take per day which again is then linked to life insurance, or critical illness cover.   What I am trying to say is, with this site it makes you stop and think about products that can improve the quality of your life.   That's what I do love about it.   It gives me ideas and possibilities for me personally to consider for my day to day life, and for the future.

The third site on my list is the one I use the most, and because I find the most useful personally for me on a number of levels, and it probably comes to no surprise that this is Perhaps it is because the site itself is what I would call a very good all-rounder.  It gives ideas on how to save on pretty much anything, which is why Martin Lewis is practically a genius.  Yes it does all the usual stuff like banking and credit cards and insurance, but what I find most helpful for me are the 'Deals and Shopping' section, and the 'Income and Budgeting' section.   A piece of advice I would like to give everyone is if you get the chance you should look at this site everyday, because it might just give you some ideas, deals or coupons to help you save money on some things you really need, or maybe want.   I always like compare different sites when I am buying somethings online.  I generally use Amazon and eBay and I am forever flitting between the two.  But that doesn't mean to say I won't still check the Boots store, or The Works store in town to see if they have what I want there at a cheaper price, particularly if I have points to spend.   There are always a few things to consider and it's worth just taking the time to find out where is the best place to buy the thing you want.

There are a couple of other things I have found out today whilst browsing the internet, and I think they are also useful money finds if you want to save a bit.

1) Coffee has had a VAT cut, which means you now save on average around 13p on your Starbucks latte.  As a coffee drinker myself that's great.   Definitely chuffed about that one.

2) The tax credit deadline is 31st of July.  Only 4 days left so get in quick if you want to make a saving on that one.  Of course now, Tax credits have been replaced with Universal credit, as I still live at home with my parents, Tax or Universal credit is not something I have looked into in any great detail, but it is something that I may have to consider in the future depending on my circumstances.

3) Also, if you need a decent smartphone for your business the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is now £50 a month.  Not sure at this point what else it does but if it is classed as a business smartphone I am sure that will be a pretty good deal.

4) This is particularly interesting for me as I generally buy on Amazon quite regularly.  Google has now eradicated it's shopping fees for customers because their rivalry with Amazon appears to have gone up a notch or two.  I find that quite intriguing, and I might have to have a little gander on Google, and eBay myself  after finding that out.

5) And last but not least, if you like Cherry Pepsi Max, in Tesco they have 24 cans on offer for £7.00 which I think is a really good deal.  Definitely worth it if you like them because 24 cans do usually last a fair while.  I must admit I only started drinking them more regularly this year, and they are certainly better for you than the full sugar Pepsi that's for sure.   I just really love my cherry cokes at the moment. and they are definitely even better when they are on offer.

Thank you all for reading my post, I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe taken some tips from it.  I feel they are all really great websites that you can always take away something useful from if you are looking to save a little bit of cash.

Take care everyone x

Sarah x


5 money saving goals you should implement this year

When I look back over the years, there have only been a handful of times I have truly managed to save a substantial amount of money.   In fact it was only four times, I have managed to save a decent amount of money, because for each of those time I was on my way to Florida for a holiday.   I don't know about anyone else, but saving for a holiday always seems a lot easier to do than 'most' other things.   I think a few people out there would agree with me on that one.    But what if you want to save for something bigger than that?  Like an expensive camera? Or a new car? Or a house of your own?   At this point, I will now admit to everyone that I do have a car, which I purchased about four years ago.   How did I afford that do you ask, well it's that wonderful little piece of plastic called a credit card.   I know we would all like to believe that we are one day going to pick that winning lottery ticket, but realistically the chances of that ever happening are next to none.   On a more positive outlook following on from this, as of last year I now no longer have a credit card.   

Saving money in the last ten years have really not been easy for me, and I am sure there are countless others out there that will agree that it is so hard to save, particularly as the majority of wages out there are still very low, prices are going up all the time on everything, and on top of all that, savings accounts are soon going to become extinct if that interest rate gets any bloody lower.   I have found that the only decent savings accounts out there now are the ones that have a 'risk' attached to them, and personally I don't do risks.   Right now if I want to save some money for anything, I put maybe a tenner (or more depending on what I am saving for) a week in a tin for about a month.   Ok so it doesn't make any money, but it doesn't decrease in value either.  Plus, the only person who knows about it and where it is is you, and Mr. Taxman can't get his hands on it.  

The money saving goals I have set for myself are pretty basic, but there is nothing wrong with that.  Basic is good....complicated is bad.  Keeping it simple in my mind is a great way forward. The key ingredient to making great goals is to make them achievable.   Most importantly this also means that your goals are realistic and are going to make a difference to you.

Goal 1

Always Eat Before You Go Shopping

I can't decide if this is an obvious goal or not.   For a start, the majority of takeaway food is bad for you anyway, unless you buy your lunch from Boots where I feel their meals are a bit healthier, though I have just read that even they have gone up to £3.99 or something, depending on what you have.  I'm sure I didn't pay that the last time I got one.  The meal I also really like is the Tescos meal deal, which luckily is still £3 because I've just checked.  But even so, £3 is still a fair bit.  Particularly as you could make your own at home for probably less than £1. The other thing about buying food from Tescos or Boots when you're out shopping is you then have to find somewhere to sit and eat it.  That in itself can be really annoying, which is probably why I have sometimes found it easier to dip into McDonalds or a coffee shop instead.  A really good tip is to eat a bowl of porridge before you go shopping.  Porridge is good because it is slow release energy.  You can have it with fruit or honey or jam, or my personal favourite, Nutella.  I feel must eat more of that.   Keeps you going for so much longer and you may not need to pay out for a meal whilst you are out shopping at all.

Goal 2

Utilize The Pound Shop

There is a lot that can be said for the Pound Shop.   Not only does it have really great snacks, healthy or otherwise, but it also sells stationary, and gifts, DVDs, gardening stuff, crockery and utensils for the home....all sorts of things.   At this point I will just mention obviously that the shop itself has started to bring in several 'special purchases' every now and again that are more than a pound, but they generally are things that you will pay more for if you get it from say Tescos instead.   For example, the Pound Shop has a 1 Metre USB cable for a pound obviously.  You can get the same thing in Tescos for £6.  Where do you think I'm going to buy my next USB cable when I need one?  The bottom line is you can't really go wrong with the Pound Shop if you are after every day snacks, cheap stationary for your work place, or an odd little gift you can buy for someone just like the little 'Car Bin' I bought my dad for Father's Day this year.  You should check your nearest £1 shop out, you will be amazed at what you can find in there.

Goal 3

Stop Impulse Buying

I should re-write this heading, it should read 'Stop Going Into Primark'.   To be truthful I have gotten a lot better at not buying loads of stuff from Primark lately, and I think it's because after I have been paid, which is on the 30th of every month or there about, I have started to write out a little list of things I NEED to buy for the new month first, such as food, toiletries, any medication and vitamins etc all the important things, most of which I can't actually get in Primark anyway.   Primark is a good example of how easy it is to spend more money than you mean to when you go in there.  Especially if you have just gone in for a browse on your lunch break.   You go in for a browse and before you know it you have come out with £30 quid's worth of stuff.   Another shop I was quite bad for spending a bit of money in was Accessorize.   Sadly that's not on my High Street in Lincoln anymore.  Not entirely sure if we will get it back on our High Street so I will be keeping a check on that, but I know I can buy online of course which is better than nothing.  But like I have said previously I do prefer to buy in a physical store now if I can.   Personally the one thing I have come to recognize is that impulse buying is what  really starts to put a dent in my bank balance.  So that is why it is on my list of goals.

Goal 4

Selling Things On eBay For Profit

eBay is a wonderful thing.   Sometimes I wish I had started selling things on eBay a lot sooner than I have, like when I was in my twenties instead of in my thirties.   In my experience eBay has become so much easier to sell your unwanted items on than it was ten years ago.   I reckon it's just the way eBay has adapted it's website over the years.  There are two main areas that I focus on when I sell on eBay.   1) Always provide a quality description of the item you are selling  2) Always leave constructive feedback, and that is to be done regardless of whether someone has purchased from you or you have purchased something from them.   The thing is, if you take the time to write a little bit of feedback from that one person who bought the little black dress you bought from Dorothy Perkins in 2012 for example, that person might come back to your eBay and buy the black boots you wore with it, which you have only worn twice and have also been in your wardrobe gathering dust.   It really is that simple to sell on eBay and it may just put a few extra pounds in your pocket.  A little bit of quality feedback does genuinely go a long way.

Goal 5

Set Up An Emergency Fund

Everybody should do this.   Seriously.   And before we go any further, I would like to point out that NO your overdraft should not solely be your emergency fund.   Been there, done that and it didn't end well.  Thankfully I don't have an overdraft anymore.    Again, there are a few ways I use to combat this.  These are 1) I check my bank weekly to ensure I am aware of how much I have left till the end of the month.  2) I take £50 cash out at the start of the week and see if I can make it last me for 7 days, which it usually does I am proud to say.   3) I make sure all my direct debits etc are paid for at the start of every month.   4) And like I said previously in this post, I make sure anything I need to buy for the month I put some money aside for it, so that comes out of the £50 I take out every week.   I have two ways I use to manage my emergency fund.   1) I keep £10 from that £50 I have already taken out aside, and only use that tenner at the end of the week if I absolutely have to.   If I don't use it, it goes in a box and rolls onto the next week where I repeat the process.  Ok so it doesn't always work every single week, but it has worked that's the main thing  2)  The second thing I do is very basic really but I think everyone should really think about doing it and that is I have an alert on my bank account that sends me a message on my mobile if I start getting too close to my monetary limit, which I have personally set up myself, and when my account reaches £100 it gives me a little buzz to say you are not allowed to spend any more money.   If you haven't done it already, I would seriously consider doing that.  Most banks I know of have that feature, which is free so you may as well use it and then you know where you stand.

I hope you find these tips can helpful to you too.   As I have mentioned in my previous posts on this blog, I am always on the look out for more money saving and money making tips.   If you have any thoughts or comments to share with me on this post please feel free to post a comment.   

And as always, thank you for reading x

Take care

Sarah x

discovering the best steps to saving money

Over the years I have found it increasingly challenging to save a substantial amount of money.  I have tried out several ideas to make extra money, and I am still doing so even now every day.   I enjoy reading blogs and searching social media for new ideas if only to try them out.   It's a great idea to experiment, because let's face it, if you are not willing to give things a go, you are never going to know if they are going to work for you or not.

For a rather long time now, I have tried and failed on numerous occasions to save money.   I don't just mean saving money by putting it aside for a rainy day.   I also mean, saving money every day on things I buy, and those dreaded monthly bills.   Saving money in this day and age is very hard.   In fact it is ridiculously hard, particularly because now interest rates at banks get you next to nothing for your savings nowadays, which is really rubbish.   Personally I think I would be better off taking a certain amount of money out of my bank every month, week or whenever I feel like it, and sticking it in a suitcase and stash it under my bed.   I get the impression most people today are not just in search of new ways to make money, but to more importantly make their money work for them.  I know that in itself is not an easy thing to accomplish either talking from experience.   I have always had ISAs.  Say no more.

I am always looking for new ways to save myself money.  About a year ago I started to specifically search for blog posts more related to frugality, rather than just general 'how to save money', or 'best tips to save money' posts.   I personally have found that frugality posts are a bit more in depth and I much prefer that, especially if they include an easy step by step list of suggestions.  I love a good list.   It is also a good thing to decide what it is you are working for.   Set yourself some little goals to begin with, little and often can be good you know, and then start working on the larger goals.  

My dream has always been to have my own place.  It is most certainly near the top of my wish list.  That and having a dog and a rose bush in my own garden.   Yet here I am, nearly 37 year old, still living at home and not saving much money.   This is what I am hoping to change around, and I am perfectly happy to try out new things, ideas, new apps etc to make that happen.   Like I have said already, it's mostly all down having a positive mindset.   A plan is a pretty good thing to have also.   I haven't got one of those yet.   This is something I need to work on.   It's good to start thinking about how you want to better your future, at any stage of your life.  Just think of it as the three 'Ps' Positive, Plan, Payout.   I reckon that has a pretty cool ring to it.  Stay Positive.  Have A Plan.  Get A Payout.  I wish at this stage I could say that was an easy thing to do but honestly, it's not. It is most definitely not easy at all.  Not at this stage anyway.  But I am working on it.

A great app I have just downloaded for myself is Shopmium.  This is one of those apps you always see advertised on TV over and over again, and you think to yourself that sounds really good I must look into that and see what it's like, but three months later you still don't have the app!   Well I have just got it on my phone now so I shall start testing it out this week and see how I get on.   I already have a similar app on my phone which is Receipt Hog, although, that free app is more of a general receipts one.  It basically does all receipts which is what I love about it.  Receipt Hog is very easy to use.  You scan your receipts you get on your phone every week and you get points for that, and you get entered into their sweepstakes to earn a gift card from Amazon - which is always very handy for little treats for yourself like books, stationary, or if you are like me I like to put the vouchers towards new colouring pages or books.  Or you can get your money loaded onto a pre-paid Mastercard loaded digitally onto your phone, or your can put your money into a Paypal account too.  I love all of those options, Paypal is my favourite, not surprisingly I suppose.  Because with Paypal you can leave the money you get in there and then transfer it too your bank so easily.   That way you can spend it as you wish.

I do have several different apps on my phone that allow me to get gift cards or Paypal cash for playing games or doing free scratchcards.   I will be honest in the beginning I was a bit dubious about this sort of thing, I have tried a few different apps over the years and they say you will get something for all the points you have accumulated and then nothing happens.  But that doesn't go for all of them and some of these apps are really, really good.  I have an app on my phone called Lucky Day which is a free scratchcard app.  You collect points and cash when you scratch your cards every day (you get about 16 a day roughly) you build your points up and you can redeem them for either a £5 Starbucks gift card or an Amazon gift card.   I was over the moon when I reached enough points for a £5 gift card.  I chose Starbucks, and today I had the treat of a free Cafe Mocha and a free chunky chocolate chip cookie.   It was fabulous.   I was really chuffed with that.   It just proves these free scratch card apps do work.   You might have to be a bit patient with them, some rewards do come through quicker than others depending on the app, but they do definitely work.

Here is a list of my favorite mobile apps that can earn you a little spare cash:

Lucky Day
Lucky Night
Lucky Maker
Lucky Spin
Lucky Dollar
Spin Royale

Check them out and see how you get on with them.  They are fun, and yes they do waste a bit of time if you are bored on your lunch break.   They are completely free to play, and you could make a bit extra cash for buying your takeaway coffee, or lunch, whatever it is you decide to spend it on.  

The one app I use quite a lot of, and I highly recommend it is Qmee.   I try to do at least a survey or two a day on Qmee if I can.   The really great thing about Qmee is you can cash out any amount at any time to Paypal, free of charge.   So if you only manage to do one survey and you get say 34p for it, you can cash that 34p immediately to Paypal.   I have earned £5 from Qmee in just over a week.  It might not sound a lot, but it's a fiver extra that you didn't have before.  You can spend it or save it.  There is only one thing I would say against Qmee, and that is sometimes you get a survey that will take say 20 minutes to complete, and you only get 15p for it, which is not a lot at all.   So I will be honest and say I have started to be a bit more selective when it comes to Qmee recently.   It usually depends on how much time I have to do the survey, remembering that you never really know when they will come through anyway.  Basically, don't try and complete a 20 minute survey when you only have 10 minutes left on your lunch break.   Because the thing is, if you rush it, they will not take your answers seriously and they might shut you down.   Apart from that it really is a brilliant app, and a nice little money earner.   You will be amazed at how quickly those little bits of cash can build up.

So there you have it, for now anyway.   Thank you all for reading my post.   Hope you all have a great day.

Take care.

Sarah x

P.S Just a little update.  I was exploring Pinterest this morning and I have just read this really great little article about money making apps with a few more suggestions.   Well worth a little gander.