revisiting my dreamcashe blog


Blogging has not exactly been on the top of my priority list as you can tell, seeing as it has been nearly two years since I have even explored the idea of doing anything at all with my money blog.   I can be an over-thinker, and I have realized that this indeed does greatly hinder my ability to create opportunities for myself to find a better career, make a little more money....hopefully, and allow myself to better myself should I be unlucky enough to lose my job at House Of Fraser...where I am still working, thankfully.

Going Back To Basics

So I have decided, in all my great wisdom, to set myself a personal challenge of reigniting Dreamcashe, as I have paid, and still own the copyright to it.   And I do intend on keeping said copyright as you never know I may choose to turn it into more of a business venture in the very near future, and not just a money blog.   And there are so many things I want to now explore.   Things such as digital marketing, social media, affiliate links, eBay, YouTube even.  I do have a bit more experience with selling on eBay since I originally started this blog so that is a very interesting thing that I can certainly build on. In the meantime I have decided to take it slow, post when I want to, share what I feel would be beneficial... to myself and others, and most importantly...have fun.

Up to now I have started writing my first post I have done in two years, checked out my settings on blogger to see if anything has changed, and I have somehow managed to successfully connect - or reconnect should I say, Google Analytics and Google Adsense with no issues what so ever, which I am greatly thankful for.   I have even begun looking at keywords again so my posts can be found a little more easily as my journey continues.

Two of the most important lessons I have learnt about blogging over my 13 years or so of doing it, is to remember to blog for yourself first before anyone else, and secondly it is best not to overthink your posts too much because sometimes it can cause you to create something that means a whole lot of nothing, and that is not that great.   It does not give me a good feeling.   So I aim to be positive with my new blogging venture and just see where it takes me.

Thank you for reading.


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