great ways to earn extra cash

 Great ways to earn extra cash

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I always like to find new ways to earn a little extra cash using the internet or mobile phone apps.   It's always a good idea to keep on top of new apps, or new and trending ways to make money through the internet or through your social media channels.   There are so many different ways to earn extra money and not all of them have been discovered yet.  

Here I have chosen to share a few of my favorite ways I enjoy making some money from.  Although the payouts may vary between each site, all of them are definitely worth checking out.

Watching Videos... And More

One of my favorite sites for earning a little extra cash is by simply watching videos via Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is a free site you can join, where you can earn tokens to use towards free gift vouchers, competition entries and even cash to spend online on whatever you like.   Although Swagbucks are well known for being able to watch videos and earn SB (actual Swag Bucks) you can also earn by writing content for the site on various subjects, doing surveys, completing various offers they have, and also simply playing games or searching the web.   The reason why I really love this site is because you can do so much on it and you will be amazed as to how easy it is build your points up and get some amazing rewards.   Above all it's really fun to use.

Slice The Pie

This website is quite possibly one of the easiest sites I have ever navigated.  When you sign up, for free of course, you have four options to choose from: Audio Branding, Music, Mobile or a Lucky Dip.  Here you can basically listen to music, voice-overs or mobile accessories and submit reviews on them, and all for a little cash that can be paid directly into your Paypal account, which is my favorite method of payment as that can then be transferred straight into your bank account.  It does sound fairly easy however, in opinion it would be a really good thing if you don't rush through it and try to provide honest and open reviews on what you hear, particularly as some of the artists may be fairly new to the industry.  I have found that I am enjoying it so far as I do like to listen to music in my spare time anyway.  The Audio Branding section I'm finding is quite fascinating so Slice The Pie is definitely worth a look.


Qmee is quite possibly one of the easiest free apps you can get to earn a little extra cash.   Qmee only pay into Paypal (which is even better) and as long as you have a balance in your account you can withdraw it at any time and there is no fee to withdraw either.  The amount you get from the surveys you do can vary, on average they can be anything from 5p up to £1.50 which I think is so good for a survey site.   There is one little snag, as there is always one, and that is you have to be accepted for the survey by answering around three or four initial questions that are usually geographical.  Apart from that it is a really cool app and it is one that so far I have managed to make the most money from, a total of around £70 extra this year.  You might not think that sounds a lot, but to me it is.  Doing Qmee has certainly made a huge difference to my earnings this year.   Most importantly I really enjoy doing it.

Whether you prefer to save your pennies that you earn from these sites in your Paypal account, or use the points to get gift vouchers to spend on Amazon it's nice to know that whatever you decide you need (or want) to buy with your points, you know you will always get a really great saving from these free sites.   Here below are just a few things I have put my vouchers and my cash towards on


This Aveeno Hand Cream is one of the best hand creams for dry, sore and cracked hands I have ever tried.  This cream is light-weight, super-absorbent, and perfect for sensitive skin which is great for winter time.  After trying several different types of hand creams, I have found this is by far the best to soothe my dry hands.  This cream costs around the £5 mark, but it is well worth it's price.

This is the Pentagram necklace I bought for my friend for a Christmas present.   The Pentacle is a symbol of good luck, but most importantly it also aids in warding off bad spirits.   This particular necklace was £29.00

So recently myself and my partner bought a new TV and Now TV box for my room.   We were quite impressed that the TV came with a built in DVD player, which we actually had not realized straight away as it was on the side of the monitor but of course it was an added bonus all the same.   The Now TV box however did not come with the correct connections so I had to do a bit of research to find out exactly what it was we needed.   Turns out it was these HDMI extension cables, which for the price of £5.99 for two from Amazon, I thought was a really great price.    And it is always good to have a spare.

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Sara said...

It's a really informative post about how to make money online, and all your gifts are amazing, especially the Pentagon necklace.

Sarah Taylor Long said...

Thank you for your comments I appreciate it, I hope you found the post useful.