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learning on how to expand my Pinterest reach

Hi Everyone

I have always gone through phases with Pinterest UK over the last four years or so.  I have been trying really hard to work out exactly how long I have had a Pinterest account and it's funny because I don't think it's as long as I think it is.  One of the first things I noticed about Pinterest is once you start pinning you can lose all track of time.  You think you have been on the site for an hour, when in actual fact you have been on it for three!   Does anybody else find this?   To be truthful that is actually one of the main reasons why I love it so much.

When I decided to take up blogging again after two years of being 'on a break' (I know it's a long time to be on a break) I found my way back into the blogging world...and just recently I might add, and I had no idea how massive Pinterest has become for every blogger out there right now.  No idea!  As it turns out, Pinterest isn't just an app you use to show off ALL the things you love for fun.  It is now also a 'tool' you can use to help promote yourself, your blog and your 'brand'.  Of course this also means you can support others who have similar ideas, and follow their boards on Pinterest as well as regularly reading their blogs.   Another important element I learnt about Pinterest recently, is providing a little written reference in the description box, to why you have chosen that Pin.   I have never done that either.  Until now that is.  And I really do love that idea.

Courtesy Of Pinterest.  An example of one of my favourite pins.  ric.  
One of the reasons why I love it so much is because it is very atmospheric.

Pinterest has become a very crucial tool for blogging, more so than I even imagined.   There is so much inspiration you can gain from it for practically any subject you are blogging about, sometimes it can be a bit hard to know where to start.   The easiest solution I came up with...and this is particularly if you are just starting out on using Pinterest, whether that be to promote your blog or not, is to start out building boards on the things that you love, and the things you are passionate about.   One of the things I am now passionate about is finding different ways of making and saving money, and I do believe that in time, Pinterest will start to help me find these ideas. 

Another aspect to be consider, is developing your own personal brand.   Your brand is something unique and special to you.  It's the knowledge you acquire in the particular subjects or fields that you choose to pursue.   It's your dreams, your goals - short and long term, personal and professional.  Your brand is who you are....and who you aspire to be.  What matters most is how you present yourself to others, and how will YOU set yourself apart from everyone else?   This is something I personally would like to focus on also.

One of the important things for any blogger is to be seen.   You want people to read your blog posts, and follow your Pinterest boards, and your Instagram and Facebook accounts.  I want people to read my blog because I want them to hear what I have to say.   Pinterest is fast becoming a really great tool to help promote your blog.  I have already been reading up how other bloggers are able to use Pinterest to help promote their blog post or website.  There just seems to be so much potential with it, it's incredible.

So what else can you use Pinterest for? I am aware that many people use Pinterest for Business to a degree, and there is obviously a Business section within it, although I am just interested in how else I can use Pinterest personally rather than professionally at the moment.   Although I am sure if the time comes I could probably find the business process for using Pinterest quite rewarding.  

Another reason I use Pinterest quite frequently, is finding inspiration for my drawing.  I haven't been drawing all that long and I will admit I can be very indecisive sometimes about what I want to draw.   Pinterest is perfect for finding inspiration on what to draw because there are no limitations with it.   I really love it for that.   I then re-pin my drawings to Pinterest, and share them on Instagram as well.      If anyone fancies checking them out they are under My Art. 

I really love the fact I can share my artwork on Pinterest it's brilliant.   It's only just recently that I have discovered how popular Pinterest now is for sharing your blog post on also.   And, do you know I love to find and read other people's blogs on Pinterest.  In the past I have normally just used Twitter as my main funnel for finding other blogs, but just recently I have started to think that Pinterest is slowly becoming the go to place to find other blogs, and that is purposely because of the overall visual aspect attached to it.  

So what do I really want to gain from Pinterest?  If you ask yourself the same question try not to over think it.  Truth be told I still over-think a lot of things.  But sometimes it's best just to trust your gut and  run with it.  I want to basically bottle my brand, and then slowly but surely, extend my brand reach. That is the plan anyway.  I want to be inspired, and I want others to be inspired by me.   That is why I am trying to up my Pinterest game, and I know the more I share, the more likely I am to succeed in expanding my Pinterest reach.

Thank you for reading.

Take care everyone x

Sarah x

best useful money finds I have discovered this week

I always find it good to keep an eye on how money in general is performing in the UK.   By this I mean bank rates, wage increases, savings accounts percentage increases (we all hope), and most importantly the cost of living, rising food prices that kind of thing.   How much do we actually get for that one pound coin?  These are things that are very important to us all, not just to me.  In the last couple of months, and even before I started this blog, I had begun to read articles for my own personal interest on how money is beginning to affect MY day to day life.    For example, we had the annual minimal wage increase in April, and then the rise in petrol prices came two months later in June which seemed to completely wipe that wage increase out.   I guess it's just the way things are, but that doesn't make it any less irritating.   Despite that it is still good to know these things because then I can adapt and make sure I spend my money more wisely.

There are a number of money saving websites I have visited over the last few years.  The first site being and this is for my car.   I use it every year to get cheaper car insurance and nothing else.  Of course there are plenty more of these comparison sites out there but personally this is one of my favourites.   It's not the only site I use, and it's good to explore other sites out there too. is the second site.   What I love about this site is how it will take a product, for example the smart watch, and then link it to their life insurance comparison section which is actually really clever.   Another product advertised on their site is a general smartphone app that calculates how many steps you take per day which again is then linked to life insurance, or critical illness cover.   What I am trying to say is, with this site it makes you stop and think about products that can improve the quality of your life.   That's what I do love about it.   It gives me ideas and possibilities for me personally to consider for my day to day life, and for the future.

The third site on my list is the one I use the most, and because I find the most useful personally for me on a number of levels, and it probably comes to no surprise that this is Perhaps it is because the site itself is what I would call a very good all-rounder.  It gives ideas on how to save on pretty much anything, which is why Martin Lewis is practically a genius.  Yes it does all the usual stuff like banking and credit cards and insurance, but what I find most helpful for me are the 'Deals and Shopping' section, and the 'Income and Budgeting' section.   A piece of advice I would like to give everyone is if you get the chance you should look at this site everyday, because it might just give you some ideas, deals or coupons to help you save money on some things you really need, or maybe want.   I always like compare different sites when I am buying somethings online.  I generally use Amazon and eBay and I am forever flitting between the two.  But that doesn't mean to say I won't still check the Boots store, or The Works store in town to see if they have what I want there at a cheaper price, particularly if I have points to spend.   There are always a few things to consider and it's worth just taking the time to find out where is the best place to buy the thing you want.

There are a couple of other things I have found out today whilst browsing the internet, and I think they are also useful money finds if you want to save a bit.

1) Coffee has had a VAT cut, which means you now save on average around 13p on your Starbucks latte.  As a coffee drinker myself that's great.   Definitely chuffed about that one.

2) The tax credit deadline is 31st of July.  Only 4 days left so get in quick if you want to make a saving on that one.  Of course now, Tax credits have been replaced with Universal credit, as I still live at home with my parents, Tax or Universal credit is not something I have looked into in any great detail, but it is something that I may have to consider in the future depending on my circumstances.

3) Also, if you need a decent smartphone for your business the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is now £50 a month.  Not sure at this point what else it does but if it is classed as a business smartphone I am sure that will be a pretty good deal.

4) This is particularly interesting for me as I generally buy on Amazon quite regularly.  Google has now eradicated it's shopping fees for customers because their rivalry with Amazon appears to have gone up a notch or two.  I find that quite intriguing, and I might have to have a little gander on Google, and eBay myself  after finding that out.

5) And last but not least, if you like Cherry Pepsi Max, in Tesco they have 24 cans on offer for £7.00 which I think is a really good deal.  Definitely worth it if you like them because 24 cans do usually last a fair while.  I must admit I only started drinking them more regularly this year, and they are certainly better for you than the full sugar Pepsi that's for sure.   I just really love my cherry cokes at the moment. and they are definitely even better when they are on offer.

Thank you all for reading my post, I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe taken some tips from it.  I feel they are all really great websites that you can always take away something useful from if you are looking to save a little bit of cash.

Take care everyone x

Sarah x


best tips for managing your money on a short break

It has been a long time since I have been on a short break in the UK.   The last proper holiday abroad I had was last year when I went to Florida, and I am so glad I did because with Covid 19 casting a dark cloud, we wouldn't have been able to have gone this year.   Obviously it is a lot different, and a lot cheaper to  have a little break away in the UK.  Going on a short break in the UK is always a nice idea if you just want a break away from the norm for a few days, see somewhere different and forget about work for a bit.   That is what holidays are all about.   

On Monday I am travelling to Herne Bay in Kent with my boyfriend, to stay at his family's Bed and Breakfast for a few days (just a little note, we are going to be the only ones in there) as I am off on holiday from work next week, and I couldn't be more excited.   

Picture Source: Pinterest

It is always very exciting to visit a place you have never been to before, particularly if like me, you know one or two people who have been there fairly frequently over the years.   Interestingly both people said that I will really love it and I'll want to go again as soon as I get back so it must be really nice there.

I have come up with a simple little list (keeping it simple is always the best way) in order to make sure I don't go spending above my means whilst I am enjoying my little getaway.   Just a few things I wanted to consider and keep an eye on whilst I am away.   

1)  Check your bank balance before you go

2)  Clarify exactly what date your next paycheck goes in  

3) Think of a daily monetary allowance and stick to it

4) Spend your money in cash

5) Pause and think before you buy something.   

This last tip on the list is one I will be trying really hard to concentrate most on out of everything on this list.   I have already mentioned this on my previous post.   Impulse buying is such a bad habit, and it can be particularly perilous when you haven't been to a certain place before.   This is where number 5 on my list comes from because you do have to stop and think about what you are buying.   Another important thing to consider, is the fact that out of your 'daily' monetary allowance, you must leave enough for food and possibly parking, even if you are not the one driving.   I will hold my hands up here and state that a lot of the time in the past I have not added these costs on when I certainly should have done.   Lately I have been finding that the growing cost of petrol is usually the biggest expense when going on a short break.   Obviously there are ways to combat that because you can just take a train, but you know, if you take your own car at least you can come and go as you please, so I guess it's down to you what form of transport you prefer.   

A few other things I have come up with that I think would be useful to help me save a few pennies whilst I'm away is making my own sandwiches for lunch.   Saves buying too much food whilst I am out and about.   Also take my own flask of coffee or tea when I go too.   I thought that was a pretty good idea too, particularly as I do like to have my coffee.  I love coffee, but it is fast becoming one of my biggest expenditures regardless of whether I'm on holiday or not.    I should drink more instant really.  That's certainly a lot cheaper.   Another good idea would be to take a bottle of water out with you initially.   That I find is quite a useful tip too.   In this hot weather (well I am hoping it will be hot!) you do tend to drink a lot more, and I know you can get cold drinks from anywhere and yes you will more than likely need to buy more cold drinks whilst you are out and about too.   Having that first bottle of water to start you off with I feel personally makes a difference to me.   That tip I will have to say is down to my own experience.   It's just nice to know you have some water to start you off with, and also if you are lucky you may even find places where you can fill that bottle up too.  Bonus.   I have also been thinking about snacks and I need to make sure I am not spending loads on snacks.   That can also be very easily done.   Also, if you like bananas that's a good shout for snack that will fill you up and keep you going.  

What I am mostly looking forward to is a little break away from the norm, with my boyfriend, in a place I have never been to before.  I can't wait.  It's about savouring the moments, and taking snapshots of all the best bits.   I think it will be a lot of fun, and hopefully very relaxing for us both, not just me.

Anyhoo, until next time, thanks for reading.   Take care all x


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